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Marine Cargo

Marine Cargo Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for businesses involved in the transportation and storage of goods. This includes several essential policies designed to protect against various risks encountered in the marine and shipping industry.

Inland Transit policy provides coverage for goods during land-based transportation, safeguarding against risks such as theft, damage, or loss while being transported within a country or region.

Overseas Storage Risks policy offers protection for goods stored in overseas locations, covering risks such as fire, theft, or damage while the goods are in storage.

Marine Cargo Open Cover policy provides continuous coverage for multiple shipments over a specified period, streamlining the insurance process for businesses with frequent shipments.

Throughput policy offers comprehensive coverage for goods at various stages of transportation, including storage, handling, and transit, providing end-to-end protection for the entire logistics chain.

With Marine Cargo Insurance, businesses can navigate the complexities of international trade, ensuring the safety and security of their goods throughout the supply chain and mitigating financial risks associated with transportation and storage.

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