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MUTUAL Insurance — The General Insurance People Who Care. Listen. Inform. Perform.

Welcome to our World.

I have been in the General Insurance industry for 35 years at the time of penning this welcome note. I spent 15 years as a Broker and founded MUTUAL Insurance, 20 years ago.

As a General Insurance practitioner and Claims Manager, I maintained the 3 constants that has helped me and my practice grow professionally. Being Knowledgeable in the insurance products we deal with and how these respond to our client’s requirements, being Efficient in program management and to shine in claims. These 3 processes of my craft  can be and are often enough, complex. I strive to make it simple and 35 years of knowledge and experience goes a long way.

I look forward you to welcoming as our client, the majority of whom have been continuously with MUTUAL Insurance for 20 years and some who have been with me for the last 35 years.


Ashok Sharma
Chief Executive
MUTUAL Insurance

The General Insurance People Who Care.Listen.Inform. Perform.

"The best laid schemes of mice an’ men
Gang aft a-gley”

Excerpt from “ To a Mouse”- by Mr. Robert Burns.
This line is an excerpt from a rather complicated poem “ To a Mouse” written by Mr. Robert Burns in 1785 expressing remorse at unintentionally having destroyed the nest of a tiny field mouse with his plough. The best laid plans of men often go astray because of external forces beyond man’s control. These external forces are usually unforeseen unexpected violent and sudden. The after effects of these external intrusions range from just about bearable to devastating and the common result is financial detriment arising from the damage, loss, or liability.

At MUTUAL Insurance strive to simplify General Insurance. From the implementation of a program, to the management and when a claim occurs, to ensuring a fair and prompt settlement. We have experience and knowledge drawn from 35 years of experience of general insurance practice to produce 3 results for our clients; Knowledge in proposing the correct insurance solution; Best standards in service and; Excellence in claims management. The true calibre of an insurance practitioner is properly tested, time and again when a claim arises. As proud as we are of our 35 year old history , we are prouder of a track record of achieving successful outcomes through meticulous approach and proper and through analysis of claims, evaluating claims against coverage to ensure prompt and fair settlements.

Let us help you ensure your best laid plans remain best laid plans.