Clients' Comments

A few kind words from our clients

Dennis H. Shoff


When my company MATCO ASIA PTE LTD sought to engage an insurance broker to manage our insurance program in 1988 one of the aspirants my fellow Directors and I were to interview was Ashok who was then working with an insurance broker. He turned up late.

I remember one of my questions to Ashok was how could we expect to rely on him to manage our insurance program if he could not manage his time. Ashok explained the circumstances of his being late. And assured us it will never happen again.

From that day sometime in 1988 up to today, Ashok has continuously managed my companies' as well as my family's personal general insurances with competence and skill. From assisting us with small motor windscreen damage claims to managing project insurances such as personal injury protection for our personnel boarding vessels and ocean platforms to indemnifying us against installation risks and product liability insurance. On hindsight and as I write this, Ashok has never been late after that day in 1988. Whether with respect to providing advice. Attending to claims. Or turning up at meetings.

I extend my best wishes to Ashok and everyone at MUTUAL.

Michael Ngu

Chairman and CEO | Architects 61 Pte Ltd

Ashok is a friend and insurance intermediary who has been responsible for the implementation and administration of  the Employee benefits program for my company, Architect 61 Pte Ltd as well my personal insurance matters in access of the past 2 decades.

Each time my family and I or my staff have approached him with matters concerning a claim or general insurance related issue, Ashok has been quick off his feet with the correct advise and answers for the solution needed. I cannot recall an instance when he asked for time to ponder on the answer. It is a reflection of his more than 3 decades of general insurance experience.

Being competent in insurance terms is one thing but processing and negotiating insurance claims is altogether a different matter. Ashok is excellent at claims and has the ability to quickly home in to the nub of the issue and working on collating the necessary facts and documents that speeds up the claim.

I wish Ashok and his team at MUTUAL the very best in success.

Jacqueline Low


I came to know Ashok and his team at Mutual sometime in 2004 when I was an Administrator for an Institution for business studies.

In the course of events over the last 2 decades my career graph moved on to spearheading a business advisory and consultancy firm which eventually was bought over by large multinational and now heading my own company providing a single stop consultancy on services such as  Incorporation & Corporate Secretarial, Immigration, Accounting & Tax, Human Resource & Payroll  and a Business Advisory.

Throughout these years the constant was my choice of insurance advisors being Ashok, Sunaina and the rest of the reliable team at Mutual. I have relied on them to provide me and also my clients with insurance solutions and have never found them to be off the mark in competent and reliable service. Mutual delivers. Every time.

I wish everyone at Mutual all the best in their endeavours and look forward to many more years of working together with them.

Moiz Tyebally

Advocate & Solicitor

Ashok and I crossed paths at a point in time very different from today. To start with, there was no MUTUAL Insurance in the late 80’s when we met. Ashok was working with an insurance broker. And I was managing my family owned trading business. Being an established trading company dealing in a number of products we dominated in, we of course had our own relationships with insurance companies and brokers. It so happened that marine cargo insurance was Ashok’s preferred business and why he knocked at our doors. We started off instead by getting Ashok to arrange the insurance for a number of commercial buildings we owned.

Over time, we secured an order for an extraordinarily large shipment of rice and our usual sources encountered difficulty in securing satisfactory marine cargo insurance cover. It was at that point Ashok came up with, well, the goods. He secured a cover on the terms we wanted. The rest is our history.

Much water has flowed under the bridges since that start of our business and personal relationship but the one core that has remained constant over the last 3 decades or so is my preferred insurance intermediary, my friend Ashok.

I wish him and MUTUAL great success.

Nikhil B.B. Shah

 In the course of my business pursuits before retirement, I owned and managed enterprises in commodities trading, logistics, warehousing, computer and electronics hardware and parts. The general insurance requirements in respect of all these businesses were solely entrusted to Ashok since the 80’s and remained so all these years until my retirement. Ashok handled all these through the years with competence, skill and discipline to ensuring my interests were always protected as best as possible.

As experienced as Ashok is with respect to insurance, I must say he is on a different level altogether when it comes to claims. His ability to focus and set to work on the central issue sets him apart. I wish Ashok and Sunaina success in all they do.